• R&D Advisory Group works with a roster of small business experts and influencers to provide our services directly to their customers, and are always looking for opportunities to become a value-added partner and contributor on new teams where our skill set can be of service.

  • Our Affiliate Program was established to ensure that everyone wins. It’s simple:

  • 1. If an Affiliate refers a client to our firm and the client signs on to receive any of our services, we will pay that Affiliate a 10% commission on the revenue generated during the first year of that service.

  • 2. We consider Affiliate referrals to be the highest of compliments, and we thank them for that compliment by also extending a 5% discount off any services our firm provides.

  • 3. We respect our partners, and will never directly compete with any of our Affiliates to offer services they are already providing to the clients they’ve referred to us.

  • Our program is free and extremely easy to join. Just fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch within the next business day to further discuss our Affiliate Program benefits.

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