Real Estate Advisory

Real Estate is often the biggest asset and liability on our clients’personal and business balance sheets. It also tends to be one of the most impulsive and emotional investment decisions among even the most savvy business owners and investors. As a full-service commercial real estate research and advisory firm, it is our goal at R&D Advisory Group to ensure our clients are making the most informed decisions regarding their real estate assets, backed by the science of unbiased market data.

Our approach ensures our clients are always equipped with the most critical data and insights available prior to making real estate decisions. Even when their “gut” or personal preference is pointing them in a certain direction, we make sure they have the hard facts that allow them to impartially compare other properties from a pure investment or commercial viability perspective.

Although we work closely with the brokerage community and provide access to the commercial brokerage services of contract negotiation and property sales and leasing, our focus is primarily on the “science” of real estate. The majority of our time is spent on the up front analysis work, ensuring our clients acquire a thorough understanding of market metrics, make decisions that best serve their business’ needs, and take advantage of the opportunities that are available in their market place. These opportunities are not always clear, which is why our team is dedicated to digging into the data to ensure the most applicable information is brought to the surface-information that impacts client real estate descisions today, and in the future.

Our team’s experience covers every phase of a client’s real estate project. Our services include:

    • Market Feasibility Analysis

    • Facilities Strategy

    • Site Selection Analysis

    • Business Plan Formation and Documentation

    • Property Acquisition

    • Lease Negotiation

    • Economic Incentive Identification and Application

    • Floor Planning

    • Capital Sourcing

    • Property Disposition Strategy

Our team also builds custom real estate models for analysis projects, including, but not limited to:

    • Lease vs Purchase

    • Space Affordability

    • DCF

    • Project IRR/NPV

    • Developer’s Profit

    • Sale-Leaseback

    • Lease Buy-Out

    • Cash-On-Cash Return

    • Argus Modeling

R&D Advisory Group is actively involved in the real estate marketplace and strives to be a value-added thought partner. We will never hesitate to make an introduction to a specialist in an area of real estate where additional expertise is needed.