Business Plan Writing

All businesses are not created equal, a fact known all too well among savvy investors. Even a great idea won’t get very far in the capital sourcing processes if not comprehensively and expertly presented to demonstrate a compelling case for success. R&D Advisory Group provides clients with customized business plan development and documentation. We work with our clients to translate their business vision into its best-laid plan, interpreting strategy in a clear and digestible presentation for potential lenders and investors. We operate as internal client team members to ensure we are well-versed in the business’ strategy, vision, and goals. We build the financial models to outline projections and expectations, making it easy for investors and lenders to quantify their ROI with our clients. We continue to remain readily available to potential lenders throughout the plan review process, and to clients to ensure they understand the process and next steps.

Most small businesses and startups only get one chance to raise the capital they need to get off the ground. At R&D Advisory Group, it is our mission to help every client that comes to us in their capital development stages by building them a plan that acts as a “golden ticket” into the lending and investment arena. Our team draws on our extensive experience “wearing the lender hat” to ensure every business plan we build contains the details, assets and metrics for success that today’s qualified lenders and investors are looking for.

Our Process

1. Kick-Off Call

All engagements start with a kick-off call to set the stage for the plan writing process. While we put the client’s vision onto paper, it is ultimately their business plan, and taking the time to discuss needs, goals, and your financing requirements are a critical first step.

2. Ongoing Communication

The plan writing process normally takes between one to two weeks and requires ongoing communication. We provide regular status updates to ensure our clients are always aware of exactly where we are in the process of completing their plan. The questions that come up during this process typically help our clients further develop their business strategy, and the regular communication helps keep us on task and on time in presenting the most comprehensive representation of their business’ vision.

3. First Review

This is often an eye-opening step, where our clients finally see their vision laid out for the first time in a clear and professional business plan. We take the time to go over this first draft to make sure they understand it and feel it is a proper representation of their plan. This step will almost certainly result in the need for additional changes and fine-tuningas we work towards a flawless final version.

4. Final Business Plan Delivered

After successfully completing Steps 1-3, we arrive at the delivery of a final business plan. We will take the time to go over the final business plan together and answer any additional questions our clients have to ensure they are prepared for initial conversations with lenders, investors, and potential partners.

5. Continuous Support

We view our engagements as partnerships and after going through the process together, we view ourselves as members of our client’s team. We often continue working with them to support various other professional service needs. We provide bank packaging and SBA packaging services, communicating with lenders on their behalf. We also help navigate the capital markets, helping script the perfect pitch for private capital or equity raises. Even clients who proceed forward with loan applications or equity pitch processes on their own know we are always just a phone call or email away and stand ready to answer any questions that arise during the process.

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