Small Business Advisory

Building a successful business is always the ultimate goal and only absolute constant in every client engagement. Early in every initial client meeting, we establish what success means to them, then layer on our expertise in small business planning, growth strategy, and profitability.

Conventional wisdom says that a business is ultimately valued by its revenue and profitability, and sales are its lifeblood. However, we find the foundation of a successful business is laid well before the first sale is ever made. R&D Advisory Group focuses on the science of building a thriving business. We work with clients to understand their vision and establish a plan to help make it a reality. We remain on the pulse of industry changes and challenges, as well as local market demographics shifts that may impact clients’ acceptance into the marketplace. We analyze the data most relevant to our clients’ plans, and embrace technology and innovation in its ability to support and advance their vision.

We custom build launch and growth plans hand-in-hand with our clients and modify and update them as market variables require. We then continue to provide a myriad of services after the initial plan is constructed.

Our ongoing business advisory services include:

• Capital procurement
• Brand development
• Strategic sales and marketing development
• Social media integration
• Client sourcing
• Ongoing business coaching

Professional Business Plan Writing

Our team’s experience covers all phases of a client’s real estate project from start to finish.

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