Frequently Asked Questions

R&D Advisory Group specializes in research and planning both for small businesses preparing to launch and for established businesses looking to fuel continued growth. Our team draws on experience and training to support clients with every need, from the construction of detailed professional business plans, to the site selection analysis of commercial real estate. We are a full-service provider that can draw on our banking experience to package your business plan and financials to make a great first impression with potential lenders, or we can leverage our industry relationships to introduce you to other lenders to ensure you receive the best capital market terms available. We can help you to find the perfect property for your business or investment, and work with you to make an offer, negotiate terms, and ultimately close on the property. Additionally, we offer ongoing consulting to help you carry your business plan forward and make adjustments as needed along the way. We possess the experience to offer virtually any small business or real estate consulting service you might need. And if there’s something we can’t help you with ourselves, we will find an expert within our network that can do it for you. Please fill out the contact format the bottom of this page to learn more about our services and see how we can help you take the next step in your business or real estate investment plan.
While we would love to guarantee your success, our team has enough experience to know that not every idea can be funded. Our goal in every engagement is to fully understand your vision and work with you to make any adjustments necessary to give your business the best chance for success and funding support. However, we always remind our clients that it is ultimately their responsibility to hire the best staff, train them appropriately, provide the best customer service, maintain quality control, and continue to adapt to the market in an effort to grow their business. We are here to help you understand the “how” in creating a successful business, but it is up to you to do the work to build it.
R&D Advisory Group provides our services in all 50 states and complies with local rules and regulations to ensure that our provided services meet the specific market requirements for each client we serve.
Our case studies provide great examples of some of the industry clients our team has assisted in the past. Although we pride ourselves on our ability to work with small, middle-market, and real estate business owners and investors in virtually every industry.

Please contact us to set up a time to discuss your needs so that we can share examples specific to your line of work and the service you require that attest to our ability to support and understand your business.

We have written and reviewed business plans for a wide variety of industries the more than 15 years. We have successfully completed plans for clients in manufacturing, retail, liquor and wine, hospitality, restaurant/bar, medical, dental, veterinary, and many other fields. We’ve been through boom cycles and bust cycles in the economy and have seen first-hand how these economic climates can impact a business’s success and its access to capital markets. We’ve built a niche in business plan development for real estate investors so they can bring them to market as part of their PPM, or raise equity or debt for their upcoming projects. We have also developed plans for special-purpose industries including family entertainment centers, bowling allies, and not-for-profits, among others. You won’t find sample business plans on our website because we assure our client's full confidentiality, and client-advisor trust is essential to a successful partnership. Every single business plan is custom-created from scratch, based on our discovery process with clients and on the specific market for which each business plan is based.
In the post-2008 economy, at rend that emerged and to an extent has remained is the idea that “real estate” was no longer a safe word and sometimes even a bad word-for many financial institutions, due to the carnage left behind during the Great Recession. Since that time, lenders and investors are much we arier about every real estate deal that comes across their desk, and many lenders require a business plan in order to ensure the project, and the market variables that could impact its success, have been well explored and planned against. They also want to see financial projections based on data that the marketplace is providing. R&D Advisory Group is founded by CCIM and MSRE graduate Ankur Patel who built the business on the concept of “unlocking the science” of real estate. Ankur is involved in every real estate engagement to ensure that the proper due diligenceis reviewed and incorporated into the plan.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and a professional and strategically-devised business plan by R&D Advisory Group is your key to making a great one.

Starting a new business is exciting and brave, and doing so without requiring outside funds is certainly a great advantage as you enter the market place and take on new risks. Without a lender in place or the need to raise equity, a business plan might seem like an unnecessary luxury. However, our team has found that even in this scenario, a professional plan is something that every entrepreneur or business owner should be equipped with, as it will almost always be required at some point in the business’s life cycleand certainly as the company looks to expand or scale-up.

In the post-2008 economy, fewer landlords are willing to rent to new businesses, based on their experience with corporate occupants that failed during the Great Recession. Many landlords are requiring a personal guarantee of the business owner, along with a detailed business plan that includes financial projections, before agreeing to a lease. The landlord wants to ensure that the business and its owner are capable of surviving any market changes, and in turn, can make their rent payments on time. A professional business plan by R&D Advisory Group provides even the most financially-sound new business clients the opportunity to achieve greater success while creating and growing their business.

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