Outsourced CFO Services:

Most small business owners don’t have the budget to employ a full-time CFO with a six-figure salary, nor a team of finance professionals to work in support of that CFO function. R&D Advisory Group’s outsourced CFO services provide our clients with the same support they’d receive from an inhouse financial officer and staff, but as needed based on fiscal projects relevant to their busness, creating a cost-effective and efficient solution to their financial managerial responsibilities.

R&D Advisory Group has a team of experienced finance professionals including MBAs, CPAs, and long-time commercial bankers, that work directly with our small business clients to offer the following financial management services:

• Ongoing bookkeeping and payroll
• Bank reporting and requirement fulfilment
• Lending partners liaison
• Ongoing budgets and forecasts preparation
• Performance benchmarking, forecasting and gap analysis
• Systems and operating procedure review, assessment, and efficiency recommendations
• Training program development and administration

Even clients who are well-versed in the financial management of their business find that our team plays a helpful “checks and balances” role in their fiscal operations. These clients trust us to review internal recommendations and proposals, and provide feedback as to their soundness, or suggest modifications that might improve the likelihood of their success. Here at R&D Advisory Group we measure our success on the success of our clients’ business.

Professional Business Plan Writing

Our team’s experience covers all phases of a client’s real estate project from start to finish.

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